This video clip is a tribute to Action Bronson
Directed by Miracle de Mille and Jérome Poulalier

-Dealers: Jean-Victor Lozes & Rémi Addo aka Dealer de Cook
-Addicts: Frédéric Leclercq, Pétula Claque & César Chevalier
-Mercedes dealer: Frédéric Bessac (350 SL 1971)
-Castle dealer: Anna Pitt
-Compositing buddy: Raphaël Loriller
-Titles Artist: Prozeet

THX: Le Chateau Grand Clément, Trade Sid Mossino Gallagher, Minorah, RIP: Shutter & Make Noise, Les Copains.

This clip is made with original & unique technique - From animated pictures to animated grease on fabrics
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