In the era of Uberization, Steph, a broke “Veliberoo” bike runner, crosses the city riding her free access public bicycle.
She’s working hard to buy her dream bike, the Världsmästarcykeln 2000, and takes risks to gather as many tips as she can during her long days of delivery.
Witness of this endless motivation is Kamel, the bike store owner. He enjoys Steph’s stopping at his shop on a daily basis to look at her dream bike.
In this very repetitive workflow filled with dynamism and ambition, will Steph’s unrestrained sprint be threatening to her dreams?
Directed by César de Mille
Art Direction by Pauline de Mille
Photography by Jérôme Poulalier
Stéphanie Mossino as the Rider
Kamel Yahimi as the shop owner
Music and sound design by Romain Chagué
Miracle de Mille Studio
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